Parametric modelling | Technical animation

My design process being iterative, I quickly got hooked onto designing the systems that can design for me. In my models I find equations elegant. They let me build complex yet beautiful forms. After the initial investment, I can quickly generate infinite iterations and the most elegant design shows itself. Now all that is left is some fine tuning.

All programs written using Python and Animation Nodes and rendered on Blender.

Calculating all the polygons that can be inset in a circle of given radius in 2D and translating each shape to create a 3D form. The number of polygons, radius of circle, axis of the object etc are parametrized.

Parametric walking that adapts to the surface, number of legs and joints per leg can be controlled. Initially made in 2D on Processing with Java and later moved to Blender and programmed with Python.

Shhh! There's something in the grass. A node system developed on blender that lets you create grass with values parametrized like number of strands, shape, clumping, wind velocity etc. You can then decide a path of motion that will move any object of choice. Parametrized values are commotion caused, speed etc.

A program that grows splines through any void or crack. Parametrized values include spline shape, spline amount etc.