Overhear over here

People are interesting. People are interesting because people have secrets.

How many times have you caught yourself listening to the stranger on the phone sitting next to you on the train?Or perhaps peeping in on a phone screen on a bus? Putting your ear to a shut door? We are a nosy species, we love listening in on conversations that aren’t ours.

There is some voyeuristic, primal pleasure we get from eavesdropping-the adrenaline of being in a space and time that isn’t yours to invade. We’re cashing in on this human instinct by building an auditory experience that uses sound to construct space and inviting you to listen in on a moment in time that you are not meant to be a part of. Stories will spill through shut doors. Come listen.

Who doesn't loves to overhear other's talk & get a glimpse of what's currently happening in their life? Even if one doesn't, the ears catch them.

Here, we gave an opportunity to the participants to listen to some of the talks on life, happening behind closed doors.