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  Pet Sherpa  

The Story

We would like to explore possible experiential modalities of non-humanisation; for instance, living in a dense fungal network, with humans acting as labs or a site for co-habitation of micro-species. We have always placed ourselves as the master of technological advancement, however there seems to be uncanny resemblances in patterns AI and Machine Learning systems have created, and ones found in nature such as flocking, entropy, and fractals. By immersing ourselves / the audience in raw environmental data, a narrative that displaces our anthropocentric identity could re-emerge. It's only by returning our agency to technology and nature that we start to relinquish the control we have assumed and exploited for centuries. Instead of interpreting, we want to listen - allowing ourselves an understanding beyond words and description.

The idea of a pet store where you can buy pets is far away from the idea we want to explore. Since it is well established though we can start here. The value our human user will place in the product can directly be derived from the value he/she places in their pet friend. The current idea of the pet industry leans more towards buying and selling products. We want to move away from product to friend and perhaps empathize with the pet more than the human and design accordingly.

Research from non human perspectives


4 and 6 show pets engaging in an activity rather than an abstract representation to simply identify the pet icon

Image by Charles Deluvio

To move away from the idea idea it being a hassle to find your pet a temporary stay to providing a service where your pet can take a vacation/ go for a sleepover or a playdate. Not a situation where the pet had to be somewhere because of circumstance but somewhere the pet wants to go. 

Govind B


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